Ma Ha Suchi

A very old lunar exalted warlord


A towering alagam of Wolf, Goat and Man and carries a Moonsilver Lance.


Ma Ha Suchi is a lunar exalted who has survived since the collapse of the first age, his self imposed exile into the wild, the great contagion, and the ballorian crusades. Through it all he has captured, held and maintained “The Nameless Lair of Ma Ha Suchi” ruling from his throne, located in a long forgotten first age temple to a long forgotten god. He allows no permanent roads to be built in his lands, nor any boats or travels to trade without his permission, which is only gained through lavish tributes.

Recently Dionasys Rivers and Caine Redpath have struck a deal with him to help retake Thorns, he will maintain an ever closing border on the city if Ma Ha Suchi’s son is allowed to sit upon the throne.

Ma Ha Suchi

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