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  • Nexus

    Nexus, the location of The Guild headquarters is also the home of Dyanosis Rivers, an up and coming trade prince in The River Province. This is also the city that Caine Redpath has made a name for himself in the Arenas, and then promptly …

  • Lookshy

    The city of Lookshy has taken a wait and see stance towards Thorns. Their thought is "why poke a sleeping Juggernaut?" and besides Lookshy has thwarted the realms advances twice.

    The players have gained 8 Lookshy coins to …

  • Thorns

    The city of Thorns is currently being held by The Mask of Winters and his circle of Abyssal Exalted, chief among them being Red Iron Rebuke.

    Caine Redpath is the second son of the slain king, making him rightful heir to the throne, after …

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